Sunday, March 8, 2009

Italian Sausage Bow Tie Pasta with Homemade Herbed French Bread

This dish started out as a recipe, but ended as my own creation. To a pound of bowtie pasta, I added one red, and one green bell pepper, one zucchini, some spinach, asparagus, and pine nuts. Oh, and italian sausage of course. Add plenty of garlic, basil, parsley, and crushed red pepper. The sauce was going to be a beef broth-wine mixture, but I forgot the wine part a little too late, and no use adding it at the end...which I might have done had it been a stressful day, but no. I defrosted a loaf of my amazing French Bread, which I slathered with EVOO and sprinkled garlic powder, parsley and basil on before baking, and VOILA, uh, this is Italian food, PRESTO, dinner!

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