Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oatmeal Waffles

So, this is how our Saturday morning went...
Eric: "What do you want me to make you for breakfast?" (I'm serious, he likes to make me breakfast on Saturdays. I have the perfect husband, thank you.)
Sara: "I don't know."
(Sara goes upstairs to her trusted, and comes down with this recipe...
Eric: "Okay, I'll make these. Have you seen the baking powder?"
Sara: "It expired. I threw it away. Use Baking Soda plus Cream of Tartar."
(They spend the next 20 minutes looking for Cream of Tartar, until phone rings. It's Mom.)
Sara: "Have you seen my Cream of Tartar, Mom?"
Mom: "You left it at my house."
Sara: "CRAPPOLA! Eric, take the baking soda out of the trash!"
(Eric takes baking soda out of trash and uses it. We're not dead yet, thank heavens."

So, here are the Oatmeal Waffles Eric made, topped with my Spiced Sliced Apples. Really good. The oatmeal makes it seem healthy. We won't talk about the butter content...

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