Thursday, February 19, 2009

Now This Was Good!

If you know me at all, you know that I consider great bread to be the hallmark of a great meal. This french bread (as referenced in a previous post) has an amazing store-bought flavor without the store-bought price. Not to mention that I can eat it straight out of the oven. Many a time have I waited the extra half-hour at Vons for them to bring out the warm bread, then proceeded to stuff my face and finish half the loaf before getting into the car...But, my carbaholic issues aside, this is seriously good bread. The recipe calls for an egg wash, but every time I do that it ends up tasting more like scrambled eggs than this time I melted a little butter and brushed it on before baking. Mmmm, isn't this a regal shot? This bread deserves it... Oh yeah, dinner. I cut said bread into sandwich size, and since I had a ton of leftover chicken that wasn't "casseroled" last night, I decided to make sandwiches out of it. I also made some mashed potatoes I cut up, covered in olive oil and spices for a few hours before boiling them...and carrots that were cooked in said potato water, which was quite tasty. Now this is lunch today, and I must admit I'm looking forward to it. At a complete loss for dinner ideas tonight...any suggestions?

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  1. It looks absolutely scrumptous!! I'm going to have to try marinading my mashed potootoos...did you cut them first?? Also, can you post your french bread recipie?? :-)